Publication Day ?

Press releases, sales website, author’s first copies of the book, publicity materials,  its a lot of stuff,  but apart for the e-book version I can say publication day has happened and  friends have purchased copies.

I was away in Malta for the last week when the press releases were made but before I left I was interviewed for CARE4MS an MS internet magazine in Netherlands and also for book advert in the May edition of  the Dutch Journal of Neurology.  Erma van Zanten the journalist  was  interested in how my active life fits with my MS condition, I put it another way, MS has difficulty getting into my busy life, especially now as I have 2 rehab sessions a week.

Having finished the book and prepared a musical presentation to give for the first time in Malta, I have become aware that much I wrote in the book,  has direct application to life.  In my rehabilitation I was struggling with exercises until I visualized them, now I get great fun from being one of Matthew Bourne’s Cygnets, yes music and images support the motor system.

The more powerful the association, the more fun the exercises.

I have also realised that my walking and balance difficulties from MS seem to be about different timing of neural messages to left and right legs.  This directly relates to my understanding that the real magic of the brain and music is how the brain senses time and how many conditions that have sensory timing malfunctions benefit from rhythmic timing with music.

This is all a bit heavy – I promise the next Blog about Malta and a Queen tribute concert by MPO will be more fun!