Standing Ovation for Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

It is a rare  for a classical orchestra to get a standing ovation, it is a very special event that has three encores, each with a standing ovation, but this was precisely what maestro Phillip Walsh achieved in the Mediterranean Conference Centre  in Valetta on the 30th march 2014 .

The event was a concert of the Music of Queen, featuring video, images and stories about Freddy Mercury.  If you read my book you will know Freddy is my performance icon, his attitude and dedication to the audience, his warm up entrainment sessions, getting everyone aroused and expectant for the music to come is a lesson for  all classical musicians !

His magic lives on,  because 1000 happy fans  stood and clapped  and sang  the music of Queen for nearly two hours.

Queen Concert MCC Valetta

Therapy on a massive scale, delivered by a great musician conducting a good orchestra.

Imagine my surprise  less than 24 hours later in the Anglican Pro-Cathedral of St Pauls,  to hear on the ethereal tones of the newly restored 18th  century organ, Haydn’s Concerto in C major  for 2 Violins, Cello and Organ, and to see at the organ , the same Phillip Walsh.

Only one thing  to say:  MUSICIAN a man who loves his music.