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“Playing the Pathways” is classified as an Autobiography but  it is a serious scientific review of music and the brain with several new ideas that link neuro science to music performance.

Professor Cyril Hoschl: “The book is really impressive!”
Professor Gavin Giovannoni: “A very interesting read”
Professor Andrew Lees: “Outrageous comments are needed in a sea of ignorance.”
Professor Jean-Pierre Malkowski: “A fascinating story and account of your life experiences.”
Professor Blanka Schaumann: “An eye-opening approach to understanding of the relationship between music and the brain. … truly original and it will open new pathways.”
Professor Jűrg Kesserling: “…congratulations on your interesting and well written book!”
Professor Lawrence S Sherman: “…some great threads run through the book…. it has the seeds to be a truly great and unique contribution”.

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